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Getting Started

For appointments, text or call the office at (417) 319-4775. Prior to your appointment, you'll receive 2-3 emails with information on setting up your online portal as well as intake paperwork to be completed prior to your visit. 


We do not accept insurance, thus payment is expected at the time of service. The initial visit which includes an exam is $160. Following visits are $80. Depending on the case, lab-work, nutritional supplements, or therapeutic modalities may be recommended but are always optional.

What to Expect

The initial visit begins with a thorough history and physical exam. Depending on the issue, lab work may be recommended. If time allows and manual treatment is appropriate it will follow the exam. The first visit can run 30-60 minutes depending on complexity. Subsequent visits are typically 20 minutes. We address the root cause of your issues, utilizing a variety of manual therapies, lifestyle alterations, and nutritional supplementation.

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